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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Off to new shoresStumme, Gerd
2008On Nonlinear Preconditioners in Newton-Krylov-Methods for Unsteady FlowsBirken, Philipp; Jameson, Antony
2009On Oseen Resolvent Estimates: A Negative ResultDeuring, Paul; Varnhorn, Werner
2011On Solution Sets of Information InequalitiesAy, Nihat; Wenzel, Walter
2010On Solutions of Holonomic Divided-Difference Equations on Non-Uniform LatticesFoupouagnigni, Mama; Koepf, Wolfram; Kenfack Nangho, Maurice; Mboutngam, Salifou
6-Dec-2006On the coexistence of different property right systems - and its consequences for economic growth and developmentVoigt, Stefan
16-Nov-2006On the Computation of Fourier CoefficientsKoepf, Wolfram; Nana Chiadjeu, Etienne
2006On the Descriptional Complexity of Simple RL-AutomataMesserschmidt, Hartmut; Mráz, František; Otto, Friedrich; Plátek, Martin
2005On the equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture for abelian extensions of a quadratic imaginary fieldBley, Werner
2006On the Gap-Complexity of Simple RL-AutomataMráz, František; Otto, Friedrich; Plátek, Martin
2010On the relationship between the Method of Least Squares and Gram-Schmidt orthogonalizationDrygas, Hilmar
2005Ontology merging with formal concept analysisStumme, Gerd
2005Orthogonal polynomials and recurrence equations, operator equations and factorizationKoepf, Wolfram
2008Parity of the Number of Irreducible Factors for Composite PolynomialsKim, Ryul; Koepf, Wolfram
2008The Parity of the Number of Irreducible Factors for Some PentanomialsKoepf, Wolfram; Kim, Ryul
2007Preconditioner updates applied to CFD model problemsBirken, Philipp; Tebbens, Jurjen Duintjer; Meister, Andreas; Tuma, Miroslav
2007QR-decomposition from the statistical point of viewDrygas, Hilmar
30-Nov-2009Rechtmäßigkeit der "Deep Packet Inspection"Bedner, Mark
21-Nov-2006Rechtspopulismus als HerausforderungKrause-Vilmar, Dietfrid
23-Mar-2009Rekonstruktive VideoanalyseFischer, Wolfram
Showing results 73 to 92 of 113