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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
3-Apr-2008Effect of dressing on high-order harmonic generation in vibrating H2 moleculesChirilă, Ciprian C.; Lein, Manfred
19-Dec-2011Electron-Nuclear Correlation in Laser-Driven Diatomic MoleculesJhala, Chirag Ashokkumar
8-Apr-2008Intrinsic channel closing in strong-field single ionization of H2Pieper, Stefan; Lein, Manfred
11-Mar-2011Molecular Imaging using Strong-Field ProcessesZwan, Elmar Vincent van der
14-May-2009Non-Born-Oppenheimer Dynamics of Hydrogen Molecules in Strong Laser-FieldsPieper, Stefan
2014Optimal control theory for a unitary operation under dissipative evolutionGoerz, Michael H.; Reich, Daniel M.; Koch, Christiane P.
29-Nov-2007Tomographic imaging of molecular orbitals in length and velocity formZwan, Elmar V. van der; Lein, Manfred
Showing results 1 to 7 of 7