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Title: Predicted properties of the superheavy elements, II. Element 111, Eka-Gold
Authors: Keller Jr., O. LewinNestor Jr., Charles WilliamCarlson, Thomas A.Fricke, Burkhard
???metadata.dc.subject.ddc???: 530 - Physik (Physics)
Issue Date: 1973
Citation: In: The Journal of Physical Chemistry. - Washington, DC : Soc.. - Easton, Pa., 77.1973, S. 1806 - 1809
Abstract: The chemical properties of element 111, eka-gold, are predicted through the use of the periodic table, relativistic Hartee-Fock-Slater calculations, and various qualitative theories which have established their usefulness in understanding and correlating properties of molecules. The results indicate that element 111 will be like Au(III) in its chemistry with little or no tendency to show stability in the I or II states. There is a possibility that the 111 - ion, analogous to the auride ion, will be stable.
URI: urn:nbn:de:hebis:34-2008102024637
ISSN: 0022-36540092-7325
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