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Anzeige der Treffer 2 bis 21 von 132
1978An ab-initio calculation of the Coulomb explosion of N_2 after heavy-ion bombardementHartung, Helmut; Fricke, Burkhard; Morovi´c, Tihomir; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Rosén, Arne
1984Ab initio many electron relativistic molecular DFS-calculations of inner shell MO-transitionsFricke, Burkhard; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Morovi´c, Tihomir
1988Accurate Hartree-Fock-Slater calculations on small diatomic molecules with the finite-element methodHeinemann, Dirk; Fricke, Burkhard; Kolb, Dietmar
1988Analysis of the electronic structure, hyperfine structure, and volume isotope shifts in the low lying states of BA I and BA IIOlsson, Torbjörn; Rosén, Arne; Fricke, Burkhard; Torbohm, Gert
1992Application of inclusive probability theory to heavy ion-atom collisionsKürpick, Peter; Lüdde, Hans Jürgen; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Fricke, Burkhard
1972Atomic and ionic radii of superheavy elementsFricke, Burkhard; Waber, James Thomas
1972Atomic ground state configurations of the elements E159 and E160Fricke, Burkhard; Waber, James Thomas
1980An attempt on the calculation of relativistic potential energy curves: noble gas difluoridesEuler, Rolf-Dieter; Fricke, Burkhard; Morovi´c, Tihomir; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Rosén, Arne
1976Auger spectroscopy of foil-excited beryllium ionsFricke, Burkhard; Bruch, Reinhard; Paul, G.; Andrä, Jürgen
1975Auger transitions in Li-like and Be-like ionsBruch, Reinhard; Paul, G.; Andrä, Jürgen; Fricke, Burkhard
1975Beam-foil-excited auger transitions in neonGroeneveld, Karl-Ontjes; Mann, Robert B.; Nolte, G.; Schumann, Steffen; Spohr, Reimar; Fricke, Burkhard
1972Calculation of isomer shift in Mössbauer spectroscopyFricke, Burkhard; Waber, James Thomas
1993Calculation of the hyperfine structure transition energy and lifetime in the one-electron Bi^82+ ionFinkbeiner, Matthias; Fricke, Burkhard; Kühl, Thomas
1993Calculations of the polycentric linear molecule H^2+_3 with the finite element methodHackel, Siegfried; Heinemann, Dirk; Kolb, Dietmar; Fricke, Burkhard
1976Chemical and physical properties of superheavy elementsFricke, Burkhard; McMinn, John
1990A clear atomic example for the surface sensitivity of penning ionizationHotop, Hartmut; Ruf, Martin W.; Yencha, A. J.; Fricke, Burkhard
1984Collision systemsFricke, Burkhard; Rosén, Arne
1981Comparison between experiment and theory in heavy electronic systemsFricke, Burkhard
1989Computation of relativistic symmetry orbitals for finite double point groupsMeyer, J.; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Fricke, Burkhard; Rosén, Arne
1970The continuation of the periodic table up to Z = 172.Fricke, Burkhard; Greiner, Walter; Waber, James Thomas
Anzeige der Treffer 2 bis 21 von 132