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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1977Observation of two-electron-one-photon transitions in siliconKnaf, Bernhard Erich; Presser, G.; Stähler, Jochem; Fricke, Burkhard
1969On the chemistry of superheavy elements around Z = 164Fricke, Burkhard; Greiner, Walter
1985On the correlation between electric polarizabilities and the ionization potential of atomsFricke, Burkhard
1969On the screening of muons by electrons in muonic atomsFricke, Burkhard
1985On the total energy of two-electron atomsFricke, Burkhard; Rashid, Khalid
1971A phenomenological calculation of vacuum fluctuation in electronic and muonic atomsFricke, Burkhard
1971Physik und Chemie mit schweren Ionen - III. Atomphysik und ChemieFricke, Burkhard; Scheid, Werner
1971Physik und Chemie mit schweren Ionen - II. Physik der SchwerionenstrahlungFricke, Burkhard; Scheid, Werner
1971Physik und Chemie mit schweren Ionen - I. KernphysikFricke, Burkhard; Scheid, Werner
1972Precise calculations of atomic electron binding energies in fermiumFricke, Burkhard; Desclaux, Jean-Paul; Waber, James Thomas
1994Precision laser spectroscopy of the ground state hyperfine splitting of hydrogenlike ^209 Bi^82+Klaft, Ingo; Borneis, Stefan; Engel, Thomas; Fricke, Burkhard; Grieser, Ralf; Huber, Gerhard; Kühl, Thomas; Marx, Dieter; Neumann, Reinhard; Schröder, Sönke; Seelig, Peter; Völker, Lothar
1973Predicted properties of the superheavy elements, II. Element 111, Eka-GoldKeller Jr., O. Lewin; Nestor Jr., Charles William; Carlson, Thomas A.; Fricke, Burkhard
1974Predicted properties of the superheavy elements. III. Element 115, Eka-BismuthKeller Jr., O. Lewin; Nestor Jr., Charles William; Fricke, Burkhard
1991Prediction of some thermodynamic properties of selected compounds of element 104Johnson, Elijah; Fricke, Burkhard
1979Prediction of the azimuth angle dependence of the quasimolecular anisotropy in heavy ion collisionsHartung, Helmut; Fricke, Burkhard
1976The problem of noncharacteristic quasimolecular X-rays in heavy ion collisionMorovi´c, Tihomir; Fricke, Burkhard; Rosén, Arne; Ellis, Don E.
1989Quadrupole moments of radium isotopes from the 7p^2P_3/2 hyperfine structure in Ra IINeu, Walter; Neugart, Rainer; Otten, Ernst-Wilhelm; Passler, Gerd; Wendt, Klaus; Fricke, Burkhard; Arnold, Erich; Kluge, Heinz-Jürgen; Ulm, Gerhard; ISOLDE Collaboration
1989Realistic many electron coupled channel calculations in heavy ion scatteringThies, Bernd; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Fricke, Burkhard
1974Recent experimental results from spectroscopy of superheavy quasiatomsArmbruster, Peter; Kraft, Gerhard; Mokler, Paul H.; Fricke, Burkhard; Stein, Hans-Joachim
1992Redox reactions of group 5 elements, including element 105, in aqueous solutionsIonova, Galina V.; Pershina, Valerija G.; Johnson, Elijah; Fricke, Burkhard; Schädel, Matthias
Showing results 68 to 87 of 132