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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1978Self-consistent relativistic molecular calculations of superheavy molecules: (_110 X)F_6Rosén, Arne; Fricke, Burkhard; Morovi´c, Tihomir
1978Self-energy corrections in heavy muonic atomsCheng, Kwog-Tsang; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Johnson, Walter R.; Fricke, Burkhard
1982Shifts of electronic KX-rays in muonic atomsRashid, Khalid; Fricke, Burkhard
1990Solution of the Hartree-Fock equations for atoms and diatomic molecules with the finite element methodHeinemann, Dirk; Rosén, Arne; Fricke, Burkhard
1988Solution of the Hartree-Fock-Slater equations for diatomic molecules by the finite-element methodHeinemann, Dirk; Fricke, Burkhard; Kolb, Dietmar
1994Solution of the time dependent Dirac-Fock-Slater equation for many-electron collisions systems using a time window methodKürpick, Peter; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Lüdde, Hans Jürgen; Fricke, Burkhard
1985Spectroscopy of quasimolecular X-rays with H-like decelerated ionsSchmidt-Böcking, Horst; Schuch, Reinhold; Tserruya, Itzhak; Hoffmann, R.; Johnson, Brant M.; Jones, Keith W.; Justiano, Edson; Mèron, Mati; Mokler, Paul H.; Ingwersen, H.; Schadt, Wolfgang; Schulz, M.; Fricke, Burkhard
1990Spin-polarized Hartree-Fock-Slater calculations in atoms and diatomic molecules with the finite element methodHeinemann, Dirk; Rosén, Arne; Fricke, Burkhard
1983State dependent volume isotope shift analysis of the low lying states of Ba I and Ba IIFricke, Burkhard; Grundevik, Peter; Lindgren, Ingvar; Olsson, Gunnar; Olsson, Torbjörn; Rosén, Arne; Torbohm, Gert
1985State-dependent volume isotope shifts of low-lying states of group-IIa and -IIb elementsTorbohm, Gert; Fricke, Burkhard; Rosén, Arne
1989Study of 3d - 4f and 3d - 5f quartet and doublet transitions of doubly excited three-electron ionsBlanke, Johannes Holger; Fricke, Burkhard; Heinemann, Dirk; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Thies, Bernd; Göbenli, T.; Heckmann, Paul Heinrich; Möller, G.; Träbert, Elmar
1975Superheavy elementsFricke, Burkhard
1987Test for basis-set errors in relativistic Dirac-Fock-Slater calculations with a numerical AO-DFS-basisSepp, Wolf-Dieter; Fricke, Burkhard
1985Theoretical evidence for quasi-molecular structure at small internuclear distances in elastic ion-atom scatteringHartung, Helmut; Fricke, Burkhard; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Sengler, Wolfhard; Kolb, Dietmar
1971Theoretical predictions of the chemistry of superheavy elements.Fricke, Burkhard; Waber, James Thomas
1994Theoretical study of the physicochemical properties of the light transactinidesPershina, Valerija G.; Fricke, Burkhard; Ionova, Galina V.
1994Thermodynamic functions of element 105 in neutral and ionized statesPershina, Valerija G.; Fricke, Burkhard; Ionova, Galina V.; Johnson, Elijah
1978Threshold behaviour of L x-ray excitation in Xe - Ag collisionsLutz, Hans O.; McMurray, W. R.; Pretorius, Rene; Morovi´c, Tihomir; Fricke, Burkhard; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Heerden, Ieks J. van
1990Topics in atomic physics - from spectroscopy to current problemsFricke, Burkhard; Kolb, Dietmar; Deuling, Heinrich
1987Total differential scattering cross section of {Ar^+}-Ar at 15 to 400 keVHartung, Helmut; Fricke, Burkhard; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Thies, Bernd; Kolb, Dietmar; Heinemann, Dirk; Loftager, Preben
Showing results 104 to 123 of 132