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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2001Changes of ERASMUS under the umbrella of SOCRATESTeichler, Ulrich
2007The Changing Conditions for Academic Work and Careers in Select CountriesAarrevaara, Timo; Arimoto, Akira; Balbechevsky, Elizabeth; Brennan, John; Graça, Manuel; Harman, Grant; Higgs, Leonie; Higgs, Philip; Hölttä, Seppo; Locke, William; Machado, Maria de Lourdes; Melichar, Marek; Meek, V. Lynn; Morshidi, Sirat; Naidoo, Rajani; Pabian, Petr; Postiglione, Gerard A.; Schwartzman, Simon; Sousa, Sofia; Taylor, James S.; Teichler, Ulrich; Vabø, Agnete; Wolhuter, Charl
1996The context of ERASMUS : a survey of institutional management and infrastructure in support of mobility and cooperationMaiworm, Friedhelm; Sosa, Winnetou; Teichler, Ulrich
1992ECTS dans l’année de son lancementMaiworm, Friedhelm; Steube, Wolfgang; Teichler, Ulrich
1992ECTS in its year of inaugurationMaiworm, Friedhelm; Steube, Wolfgang; Teichler, Ulrich
1993ERASMUS student mobility programmes 1989/90 in the view of their coordinatorsMaiworm, Friedhelm; Steube, Wolfgang; Teichler, Ulrich
1995ERASMUS student mobility programmes 1991/92 in the view of the local directorsMaiworm, Friedhelm; Teichler, Ulrich
1997ERASMUS - teaching staff mobilityKreitz, Robert; Teichler, Ulrich
1993Les expériences des etudiants ERASMUS en 1990/91Maiworm, Friedhelm; Steube, Wolfgang; Teichler, Ulrich
1991Experiences of ERASMUS studentsTeichler, Ulrich
1993Experiences of ERASMUS students 1990/91Maiworm, Friedhelm; Steube, Wolfgang; Teichler, Ulrich
1995The first years of ECTS in the view of the studentsMaiworm, Friedhelm; Teichler, Ulrich
1990The first years of study at Fachhochschulen and universities in the Federal Republic of GermanyTeichler, Ulrich
1978Higher education and employment in the Federal Republic of Germany: trends and changing research approaches from the comparative point of viewTeichler, Ulrich
1996Higher education and graduate employment in Europe : select findings from previous decadesTeichler, Ulrich
2007Higher Education and Work in AfricaTeichler, Ulrich; Mugabushaka, Alexis-Michel; Schomburg, Harald; Omoifo, Christy; Omeje, Kenneth; Kaijage, Erasmus
1987Higher education in the Federal Republic of Germany - devolpments and recent issuesTeichler, Ulrich
1986Hochschulsysteme und Hochschulplanung in westlichen IndustriestaatenHornbostel, Stefan; Oehler, Christoph; Teichler, Ulrich
2003Internationale Mobilität von Absolventinnen und Absolventen europäischer HochschulenJahr, Volker; Schomburg, Harald; Teichler, Ulrich
2007Looking Back to Look ForwardKehm, Barbara M.; Scott, Peter; Brennan, John; Vroeijenstijn, A. I.; Schimank, Uwe; Välimaa, Jussi; McInnis, Craig; Jensz, Felicity; Huber, Ludwig; Teichler, Ulrich; Yoshimoto, Keiichi; Neave, Guy
Showing results 4 to 23 of 40