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2005Agricultural, architectural and archaeological evidence for the role and ecological adaptation of a scattered mountain oasis in OmanSiebert, S.; Häser, J.; Nagieb, M.; Korn, L.; Bürkert, Andreas
2011Assessment of land use and land cover changes during the last 50 years in oases and surrounding rangelands of Xinjiang, NW ChinaDittrich, Andreas; Bürkert, Andreas; Brinkmann, Katja
2005Bacterial ecology of ancient Saharan salt-enrichment ponds at Teguidda-n-TessoumtAlvey, Samuel; Yang, Ching-Hong; Bürkert, Andreas; Crowley, David E.
2010Carbon and nitrogen emissions from stored manure and cropped fields in irrigated mountain oases of OmanBürkert, Andreas; Jahn, Henning; Golombek, Sabine D.; Rawahi, Mohammed N. Al; Gebauer, Jens
2001Causes of legume-rotation effects in increasing cereal yields across the Sudanian, Sahelian and Guinean zone of West AfricaBürkert, Andreas; Bagayoko, M.; Alvey, S.; Bationo, A.
2003Cereal/legume rotation effects on rhizosphere bacterial community structure in West African soilsAlvey, S.; Yang, C.-H.; Bürkert, Andreas; Crowley, D. E.
2001Cereal/legume rotations affect chemical properties and biological activities in two West African soilsAlvey, S.; Bagayoko, M.; Neumann, G.; Bürkert, Andreas
2003Changes in amino acid enantiomers and microbial performance in soils from a subtropical mountain oasis in Oman abandoned for different periodsWichern, Florian; Lobe, Ingo; Amelung, Wulf; Müller, Torsten; Jörgensen, Rainer Georg; Bürkert, Andreas
2004Changes in the agricultural structure of the Qira OasisGraefe, Sophie; Siebert, Stefan; Bruelheide, Helge; Bürkert, Andreas
2001Decomposition of and nutrient release from ruminant manure on acid sandy soils in the Sahelian zone of Niger, West AfricaEsse, P. C.; Bürkert, Andreas; Hiernaux, P.; Assa, A.
2001Destructive and non-destructive measurements of residual crop residue and phosphorus effects on growth and composition of herbaceous fallow species in the SahelGérard, B.; Hiernaux, P.; Muehlig-Versen, B.; Bürkert, Andreas
2005Drainage, salt leaching and physico-chemical properties of irrigated man-made terrace soils in a mountain oasis of northern OmanLuedeling, E.; Nagieb, M.; Wichern, F.; Brandt, M.; Deurer, M.; Bürkert, Andreas
2014Effects of changing water availability on land use in irrigated mountain oases of Al Jabal Al Akhdar, northern OmanAl-Rawahi, Mohamed Nasser; Brinkmann, Katja; Schlecht, Eva; Bürkert, Andreas
2001Effects of fertility management strategies on phosphorus bioavailability in four West African soilsSinaj, S.; Bürkert, Andreas; El-Hajj, G.; Bationo, A.; Traoré, H.; Frossard, E.
2003Effects of manure quality and application forms on soil C and N turnover of a subtropical oasis soil under laboratory conditionsWichern, Florian; Müller, Torsten; Jörgensen, Rainer Georg; Bürkert, Andreas
2004Effects of post-harvest treatments on the carbohydrate composition of yacon roots in the Peruvian AndesGraefe, Sophie; Hermann, M.; Manrique, I.; Golombek, S.; Bürkert, Andreas
2012Effects of red brick production on land use, household income, and greenhouse gas emissions in Khartoum, SudanAbdalla, Ishtiag; Abdalla, Sahar Babiker Ahmed; Siddig, Kamal el-; Möller, Detlev; Bürkert, Andreas
2001Efficient phosphorus application strategies for increased crop production in sub-Saharan West AfricaBürkert, Andreas; Bationo, André; Piepho, Hans-Peter
2004Emmer (Triticum dicoccon Schrank) in OmanHammer, K.; Filatenko, A. A.; Alkhanjari, S.; Al-Maskri, A.; Bürkert, Andreas
2004Field measurements of the CO2 evolution rate under different crops during an irrigation cycle in a mountain oasis of OmanWichern, Florian; Luedeling, Eike; Müller, Torsten; Jörgensen, Rainer Georg; Bürkert, Andreas
Anzeige der Treffer 1 bis 20 von 40