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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
6-Jan-2011CD-Systems of Stateless Deterministic R(1)-Automata Governed by an External Pushdown StoreNagy, Benedek; Otto, Friedrich
2000CEM - a conceptual Email managerCole, Richard; Stumme, Gerd
2000CEM - visualization and discovery in EmailCole, Richard; Eklund, Peter; Stumme, Gerd
2006Church-Rosser groups and growing context-sensitive groupsKambites, Mark; Otto, Friedrich
1997Computing in conceptual data systems with relational structuresStumme, Gerd; Wolff, Karl Erich
1996The concept classification of a terminology extended by conjunction and disjunctionStumme, Gerd
1997Concept exploration - a tool for creating and exploring conceptual hierarchiesStumme, Gerd
2000Conceptual information systems discussed through an IT-security toolBecker, Klaus; Stumme, Gerd; Wille, Rudolf; Wille, Uta; Zwickwolff, Monika
2000Conceptual knowledge discovery and data analysisHereth, Joachim; Stumme, Gerd; Wille, Rudolf; Wille, Uta
1998Conceptual knowledge discovery in databases using formal concept analysis methodsStumme, Gerd; Wille, Rudolf; Wille, Uta
1999Conceptual knowledge discovery with frequent concept latticesStumme, Gerd
2004Conceptual knowledge processing with formal concept analysis and ontologiesCimiano, Philipp; Hotho, Andreas; Stumme, Gerd; Tane, Julien
1999Conceptual structures represented by conceptual graphs and formal concept analysisMineau, Guy; Stumme, Gerd; Wille, Rudolf
2006Content aggregation on knowledge bases using graph clusteringSchmitz, Christoph; Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Stumme, Gerd
22-Mar-2013Context as a ServiceWagner, Michael
2000A contextual-logic extension of TOSCANAEklund, Peter; Groh, Bernd; Stumme, Gerd; Wille, Rudolf
13-Dec-2007CoObRA: Eine Plattform zur Verteilung und Replikation komplexer Objektstrukturen mit optimistischen SperrkonzeptenSchneider, Christian
2003The Courseware Watchdog: an ontology-based tool for finding and organizing learning materialTane, Julien; Schmitz, Christoph; Stumme, Gerd; Staab, Steffen; Studer, Rudi
2003Creation and merging of ontology top-levelsGanter, Bernhard; Stumme, Gerd
1-Apr-2011Darstellungen von TEI-Dokumenten für E-Reader im EPUB-StandardAbuhaish, Mohammed
Showing results 21 to 40 of 170