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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Feb-2008Die literarische Welt des MittelaltersBrinker- von der Heyde, Claudia
22-Jul-2005Literatur und IntertextualitätRohmann, Gerd; Oppermann, Eva
2-Feb-2005Lithography-free micro- and nanostructuring based on conventional plasma etchingGeorgiev, Georgi Todorov
8-May-2017Load Reducing Control for Wind Turbines: Load Estimation and Higher Level Controller Tuning based on Disturbance Spectra and Linear ModelsShan, Martin
7-Mar-2011Local food security and principle of organic farming (from farm to fork) in context of food culture in Indonesia: Minangkabau's case studyDavid, Wahyudi
10-Apr-2016Local food security initiatives: systemic limitations in Vancouver, CanadaWong, Alfred; Hallsworth, Alan
2007Localization and organization of protein factors involved in chromosome inheritance in Dictyostelium discoideumKaller, Markus; Földesi, Balint; Nellen, Wolfgang
1996Local scaling in conceptual data systemsStumme, Gerd
29-Aug-2016Local Seafood Availability in San Diego, California Seafood MarketsTalley, Theresa Sinicrope; Warde, Hannah; Venuti, Nina
25-Nov-2015Lokalisation und Funktion von Mitgliedern der Familie der short-chain Dehydrogenasen/Reduktasen in Dictyostelium discoideumGottlieb, Thomas
2012Lokalisierungsanalyse des Rissbeginns anhand eines orthotropen SchädigungsmodellsDanladi, Idirisou
2007Looking Back to Look ForwardKehm, Barbara M.; Scott, Peter; Brennan, John; Vroeijenstijn, A. I.; Schimank, Uwe; Välimaa, Jussi; McInnis, Craig; Jensz, Felicity; Huber, Ludwig; Teichler, Ulrich; Yoshimoto, Keiichi; Neave, Guy
2015Loss of Anticodon Wobble Uridine Modifications Affects tRNALys Function and Protein Levels in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeKlassen, Roland; Grunewald, Pia; Thüring, Kathrin L.; Eichler, Christian; Helm, Mark; Schaffrath, Raffael
2014Loss of wobble uridine modification in tRNA anticodons interferes with TOR pathway signalingScheidt, Viktor; Jüdes, André; Bär, Christian; Klassen, Roland; Schaffrath, Raffael
14-Apr-2015Lost in Research - Wissensmanagement in komplexen (psychoanalytischen) ForschungsprojektenPfenning-Meerkötter, Nicole
30-Nov-1993Lösung von Randwertaufgaben der ElastoplastizitätHartmann, Stefan
2004Low-altitude aerial photography for optimum N fertilization of winter wheat on the North China PlainJia, L.; Bürkert, Andreas; Chen, X.; Roemheld, V.; Zhang, F.
22-Feb-2006Low-Cost Micromechanically Tunable Optical Devices: Strained Resonator Engineering, Technological Implementation and CharacterizationTarraf, Amer
6-Oct-2008Lower Bounds for Nonforgetting Restarting Automata and CD-Systems of Restarting AutomataOtto, Friedrich
24-Nov-2016Lower-extremity resistance training on unstable surfaces improves proxies of muscle strength, power and balance in healthy older adults: a randomised control trialEckardt, Nils
Showing results 1826 to 1845 of 3727