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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003A note about Triticum in OmanAl-Maskri, A.; Nagieb, M.; Hammer, K.; Filatenko, A. A.; Khan, I.; Bürkert, Andreas
Jun-2002Note on B. Holmstrom / P. Milgrom: Aggregation and Linearity in the Provision of Intertemporal Incentives-
1976Note on the quasimolecular M radiation in very heavy collision systemsLutz, Hans O.; McMurray, W. R.; Pretorius, Rene; Heerden, Ieks J. van; Reenen, R. J. van; Fricke, Burkhard
3-Feb-2004Not the outside but the inside matters : functional analysis of Capricious and Tartan during Drosophila tracheal morphogenesisKrause, Cindy
2004Novel thioredoxin targets in Dictyostelium discoideum identified by two-hybrid analysis: interactions of thioredoxin with elongation factor 1 α and yeast alcohol dehydrogenaseBrodegger, Thomas; Stockmann, Anja; Oberstraß, Jürgen; Nellen, Wolfgang; Follmann, Hartmut
1991NQR in high T_c-superconductorsGarcia, Martin E.; Bennemann, K. H.
1990NQR in high T_c-superconductorsGarcia, Martin E.; Bennemann, K. H.
2009NS-Raubgut in der Landesbibliothek Kassel 1933 - 1945Wiedemann, Konrad
1974Nuclear charge radii from X-ray transitions in muonic atoms of carbon, nitrogen and oxygenDubler, Theodor; Schellenberg, Lothar; Schneuwly, Hubert; Engfer, Roland; Vuilleumier, Jean Luc; Walter, Hans Kristian; Zehnder, Alex; Fricke, Burkhard
4-Jun-2010Nuclear organisation and epigenetic regulation of gene expression in Dictyostelium discoideumDubin, Manu
2010Numerical and experimental response and stability investigations of anisotropic rotor-bearing systemsBoru, Fikre Endashaw
1999Numerical aspects in the data model of conceptual information systemsStumme, Gerd; Wolff, Karl Erich
2-Apr-2014Numerical Feasibility Study for Treated Wastewater Recharge as a Tool to Impede Saltwater Intrusion in the Coastal Aquifer of Gaza – PalestineSirhan, Hasan Khalil
2008Numerical Methods for Non-Stationary Stokes FlowVarnhorn, Werner
30-Jan-2013Numerical Methods for the Unsteady Compressible Navier-Stokes EquationsBirken, Philipp
2006Numerical Simulation of Flows at Low Mach Numbers with Heat SourcesBirken, Philipp
2006Numerical simulation of tunnel fires using preconditioned finite volume schemesBirken, Philipp
15-Oct-2007Numerische Behandlung plastischer Inkompressibilität bei finiter ViskoplastizitätQuint, Karsten
2014Numerische Modellierung von Fluid-Struktur-Wechselwirkungen an wellenbeaufschlagten StrukturenFuchs, Vilmar
2008Numerische und experimentelle Untersuchungen zu Transportvorgängen in SchneckenmaschinenConzen, Carsten
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