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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008On Nonlinear Preconditioners in Newton-Krylov-Methods for Unsteady FlowsBirken, Philipp; Jameson, Antony
2009On Oseen Resolvent Estimates: A Negative ResultDeuring, Paul; Varnhorn, Werner
18-Nov-2008On Parallel Communicating Grammar Systems and Correctness Preserving Restarting AutomataPardubská, Dana; Plátek, Martin; Otto, Friedrich
2011On Solution Sets of Information InequalitiesAy, Nihat; Wenzel, Walter
2010On Solutions of Holonomic Divided-Difference Equations on Non-Uniform LatticesFoupouagnigni, Mama; Koepf, Wolfram; Kenfack Nangho, Maurice; Mboutngam, Salifou
30-Jul-2012On the Benefits of Abstraction in Concurrent HaskellLesniak, Michael Christian
1969On the chemistry of superheavy elements around Z = 164Fricke, Burkhard; Greiner, Walter
6-Dec-2006On the coexistence of different property right systems - and its consequences for economic growth and developmentVoigt, Stefan
16-Nov-2006On the Computation of Fourier CoefficientsKoepf, Wolfram; Nana Chiadjeu, Etienne
1985On the correlation between electric polarizabilities and the ionization potential of atomsFricke, Burkhard
2006On the Descriptional Complexity of Simple RL-AutomataMesserschmidt, Hartmut; Mráz, František; Otto, Friedrich; Plátek, Martin
2005On the equivariant Tamagawa number conjecture for abelian extensions of a quadratic imaginary fieldBley, Werner
23-Jan-2018On the existence of symmetric minimizersStylianou, Athanasios
9-Aug-2006On the function of the Dictyostelium Argonaute A protein (AgnA) in epigenetic gene regulationZhang, Xiaoxiao
2006On the Gap-Complexity of Simple RL-AutomataMráz, František; Otto, Friedrich; Plátek, Martin
1994On the localization of electrons and holes in Hg_n and rare-gas clustersGarcia, Martin E.; Bennemann, K. H.
2010On the relationship between the Method of Least Squares and Gram-Schmidt orthogonalizationDrygas, Hilmar
1969On the screening of muons by electrons in muonic atomsFricke, Burkhard
1985On the total energy of two-electron atomsFricke, Burkhard; Rashid, Khalid
1991On the transition from localized to delocalized electronic states in divalent-metal clustersGarcia, Martin E.; Pastor, G. M.; Bennemann, K. H.
Showing results 2205 to 2224 of 3727