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1999Acquiring expert knowledge for the design of conceptual information systemsStumme, Gerd
6-Sep-2017Activities and influence of veterinary drug marketers on antimicrobial usage in livestock production in Oyo and Kaduna States, NigeriaOjo, Olufemi Ernest; Awoyomi, Olajoju Jokotola; Fabusoro, Eniola; Dipeolu, Morenike Atinuke
29-Aug-2016Adaptability of three newly introduced apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) cultivars to Egyptian conditionsMohamed, Azza Ibrahim; Mohamed, Sooad Ahmed; Mahmoud, Thanaa Sh. M.
1992Adapted and adaptive properties in neural networks for visual pattern discriminationEwert, J.-P.; Buxbaum-Conradi, H.; Fingerling, S.; Schürg-Pfeiffer, E.; Beneke, T. W.; Dinges, A. W.; Glagow, M.; Schwippert, W. W.
16-Okt-2017Adapting Gambian women livestock farmers’ roles in food production to climate changeOlaniyan, Olawale Festus
15-Sep-2014Adaptive Real-time Anomaly-based Intrusion Detection using Data Mining and Machine Learning TechniquesSalem, Maher
23-Mär-2016Ad elementaria mathematicaeBosbach, Bruno
20-Okt-2017Adoption of an improved bean seed variety and consumption of beans in rural Madagascar: Evidence from a randomised control trialBosch, Christine; Zeller, Manfred; Deffner, Domenica
4-Nov-2017Adoption of Organic Farming as an Opportunity for Syrian Farmers of Fresh Fruit and Vegetables: An Application of the Theory of Planned Behaviour and Structural Equation ModellingIssa, Irwa; Hamm, Ulrich
12-Aug-2015Adsorption kinetic investigations of phthalocyanine derivatives self assembled monolayers (SAMs) on gold: Temperature influence on the SAM formation process and qualityLiličenko, Nadežda
2004Adsorption of element 112 on a Au surfaceSarpe-Tudoran, Cristina
2-Feb-2005Adsorption von CO an Platin : eine theoretische Untersuchung mit einer Cluster-Näherung im Rahmen einer relativistischen DichtefunktionaltheorieGeschke, Dirk
7-Feb-2013Die aeroelastische Stabilitätsanalyse – ein praxisnaher Ansatz zur intervalltheoretischen Betrachtung von Modellierungsunsicherheiten am FlugzeugSchwochow, Jan
2001Aggression und Autoaggression bei FrauenMöller, Heidi
1984Aggressive Symbolik im KinderalltagBachmair, Ben
1997Agrarwirte in Studium und BerufBichler, Hans; Schomburg, Harald
2005Agricultural, architectural and archaeological evidence for the role and ecological adaptation of a scattered mountain oasis in OmanSiebert, S.; Häser, J.; Nagieb, M.; Korn, L.; Bürkert, Andreas
20-Sep-2016Agricultural microcredit and technical efficiency: The case of smallholder rice farmers in Northern GhanaAnang, Benjamin Tetteh; Bäckman, Stefan; Sipiläinen, Timo
16-Feb-2012Agricultural practices and horizontal nutrient balances in urban gardens and the alternative use of urban agricultural land in Khartoum, SudanAbdalla, Sahar Babiker Ahmed
20-Dez-2013Agricultural Production and Yield Estimation: Two distinctive aspects of Brazilian Agriculture and a perspective on world food problemsBardal, Diogo
Anzeige der Treffer 41 bis 60 von 3848