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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
10-Dec-2009CD-Systems of Restarting Automata Governed by Explicit Enable and Disable ConditionsOtto, Friedrich
6-Jan-2011CD-Systems of Stateless Deterministic R(1)-Automata Governed by an External Pushdown StoreNagy, Benedek; Otto, Friedrich
2000CEM - a conceptual Email managerCole, Richard; Stumme, Gerd
2000CEM - visualization and discovery in EmailCole, Richard; Eklund, Peter; Stumme, Gerd
2003Cereal/legume rotation effects on rhizosphere bacterial community structure in West African soilsAlvey, S.; Yang, C.-H.; Bürkert, Andreas; Crowley, D. E.
2001Cereal/legume rotations affect chemical properties and biological activities in two West African soilsAlvey, S.; Bagayoko, M.; Neumann, G.; Bürkert, Andreas
27-Jul-1992Chancen und Grenzen ethischer Innovation der marktwirtschaftlichen OrdnungNutzinger, Hans G.
1982Chancen und Probleme von Arbeitsmaterialien in der künstlerischen Aus- und WeiterbildungRattemeyer, Volker; Schmidt, Wolfram; Liptow, Hilmar
19-Mar-2008Chancen und Risiken der Arbeit im E-BusinessPotzner, Christiane
26-Jul-2005Chancen und Risiken der Bibliotheken im Informationszeitalter: vom Knowbody zum Nobody?Halle, Axel
2003Changes in amino acid enantiomers and microbial performance in soils from a subtropical mountain oasis in Oman abandoned for different periodsWichern, Florian; Lobe, Ingo; Amelung, Wulf; Müller, Torsten; Jörgensen, Rainer Georg; Bürkert, Andreas
4-Sep-2017Changes in biochemical characteristics and Na and K content of caper (Capparis spinosa L.) seedlings under water and salt stressSadeghi, Hossein; Rostami, Laleh
2004Changes in the agricultural structure of the Qira OasisGraefe, Sophie; Siebert, Stefan; Bruelheide, Helge; Bürkert, Andreas
2001Changes of ERASMUS under the umbrella of SOCRATESTeichler, Ulrich
22-Apr-2016Changes of traditional farming systems and their effects on land degradation and socio-economic conditions in the Inle Lake region, MyanmarHtwe, Thin Nwe
2007The Changing Conditions for Academic Work and Careers in Select CountriesAarrevaara, Timo; Arimoto, Akira; Balbechevsky, Elizabeth; Brennan, John; Graça, Manuel; Harman, Grant; Higgs, Leonie; Higgs, Philip; Hölttä, Seppo; Locke, William; Machado, Maria de Lourdes; Melichar, Marek; Meek, V. Lynn; Morshidi, Sirat; Naidoo, Rajani; Pabian, Petr; Postiglione, Gerard A.; Schwartzman, Simon; Sousa, Sofia; Taylor, James S.; Teichler, Ulrich; Vabø, Agnete; Wolhuter, Charl
2012Characteristics, socioeconomic benefits and household livelihoods of beef buffalo and beef cattle farming in Northeast ThailandLambertz, Christian; Chaikong, Chakrapong; Maxa, Jan; Schlecht, Eva; Gauly, Matthias
24-Aug-2010Characterization of DnmA, the Dnmt2 homolog in Dictyostelium discoideumMaksimov, Vladimir
23-May-2013Characterization of Lipid Droplets and Functional Analysis of Lipid Droplet-Associated Proteins in Dictyostelium discoideumDu, Xiaoli
12-Dec-2012Characterization of Novel Fabry Pérot Filter Arrays for Nanospectrometers in Medical ApplicationsMai, Hong Hanh
Showing results 472 to 491 of 3727