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12-Okt-2017Conservation agriculture in organic farming: Impacts on weeds and plant-parasitic nematodes during the transitionSchmidt, Jan Henrik
1987Consilia - Quellen zur Familie in Krise und KontinuitätBaumgärtner, Ingrid
2008A Constitutive Model for Metal Powder and its Numerical Treatment using Finite ElementsBier, Wolfgang
23-Mai-2011Constructing a ‘moment of crisis’ and its adequate solutionSchöneck, Benedikt
21-Aug-2017Construction and Analysis of Heat-and Mass Exchangers for Liquid Desiccant SystemsJaradat, Mustafa
21-Nov-2017Construction and Use of a Simple Index of Urbanisation in the Rural–Urban Interface of Bangalore, IndiaHoffmann, Ellen M.; Jose, Monish; Nölke, Nils; Möckel, Thomas
2008Construction of fractal interpolation surfaces on rectangular gridsMetzler, Wolfgang; Yun, Cholhui
2008Construction of recurrent fractal interpolation surfaces(RFISs) on rectangular gridsMetzler, Wolfgang; Yun, Chol Hui
24-Apr-2018Consumer Preferences for Local Food: Testing an Extended Norm TaxonomyWenzig, Julius; Gruchmann, Tim
25-Jul-2011The Containment of Labour Unrest in the Post Socialist ChinaHui, Sio Ieng
2006Content aggregation on knowledge bases using graph clusteringSchmitz, Christoph; Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Stumme, Gerd
22-Mär-2013Context as a ServiceWagner, Michael
1996The context of ERASMUS : a survey of institutional management and infrastructure in support of mobility and cooperationMaiworm, Friedhelm; Sosa, Winnetou; Teichler, Ulrich
2000A contextual-logic extension of TOSCANAEklund, Peter; Groh, Bernd; Stumme, Gerd; Wille, Rudolf
2003Conti, Niccolò dei (c. 1395-1469)Baumgärtner, Ingrid
15-Feb-2007Continuation and discontinuation of local institution in community based natural resource managementSunito, Satyawan
1970The continuation of the periodic table up to Z = 172.Fricke, Burkhard; Greiner, Walter; Waber, James Thomas
20-Dez-2013Contradictions within the Modern Food System: Nutritional Disbalance across the Globe, Its Main Drivers and Possible Ways OutLapatina, Liubov; Ploeger, Angelika
1980Contribution of the exact Breit operator plus the electron state-dependent screening to the multiplet and fine structure of muon-electron atomsRashid, Khalid; Fricke, Burkhard
2012Controlled movement of superparamagnetic bead rows for microfluid mixingHolzinger, Dennis; Lengemann, Daniel; Göllner, Florian; Engel, Dieter; Ehresmann, Arno
Anzeige der Treffer 582 bis 601 von 3903