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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
21-May-2015Dairy farms typology and management of animal genetic resources in the peri-urban zone of Bamako (Mali)Toure, Abdoulaye; Moula, Nassim; Kouriba, Ali; Traore, Bakary; Tindano, Kisito; Leroy, Pascal; Antoine-Moussiaux, Nicolas
21-Sep-2017The Dark Triad and the PID-5 Maladaptive Personality Traits: Accuracy, Confidence and Response Bias in Judgments of VeracityWissing, Benno Gerrit; Reinhard, Marc-André
17-Mar-2006Das Königreich Westfalen als napoleonischer Modellstaat (1807-1813)Berding, Helmut
2004A database search for double-strand containing RNAs in Dictyostelium discoideumGräf, Stefan; Borisova, Branimira E.; Nellen, Wolfgang; Steger, Gerhard; Hammann, Christian
23-Dec-2016Debating food production at dinner time: Mainstream audiences are invited to debate the ethics of agricultural practices in BrazilDiefenbach Goulart, Marina
2001Decomposition of and nutrient release from ruminant manure on acid sandy soils in the Sahelian zone of Niger, West AfricaEsse, P. C.; Bürkert, Andreas; Hiernaux, P.; Assa, A.
1993Delocalization of a hole in van der Waals clusters: Ionization potential of rare-gas and small Hg_n clustersGarcia, Martin E.; Pastor, G. M.; Bennemann, K. H.
1993DenkmälerHinz, Berthold
1986"De privilegiis doctorum"Baumgärtner, Ingrid
2002Der Mann mit dem Stiefel - oder Fotografie und touristisches VerhaltenSchurian-Bremecker, Christiane
2001Destructive and non-destructive measurements of residual crop residue and phosphorus effects on growth and composition of herbaceous fallow species in the SahelGérard, B.; Hiernaux, P.; Muehlig-Versen, B.; Bürkert, Andreas
2014Detecting ultrafast interatomic electronic processes in media by fluorescenceKnie, André; Hans, Andreas; Förstel, Marko; Hergenhahn, Uwe; Schmidt, Philipp; Reiß, Philipp; Ozga, Christian; Kambs, Benjamin; Trinter, Florian; Voigtsberger, Jörg; Metz, Daniel; Jahnke, Till; Dörner, Reinhard; Kuleff, Alexander I.; Cederbaum, Lorenz S.; Demekhin, Philipp V.; Ehresmann, Arno
2014Determinants of climate change adaptation strategies used by rice farmers in Southwestern, NigeriaArimi, Kayode
2013Determinants of crop diversity and composition in Enset-coffee agroforestry homegardens of Southern EthiopiaAbebe, Tesfaye
5-Dec-2017Determinants of participation in cavy marketing: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of CongoSimtowe, Franklin; Paul, Birthe Katharina; Wimba, Benjamin M. M.; Bacigale, Samy B.; Chiuri, Wanjiku L.; Maass, Brigitte L.
4-Apr-2016Determinants of technical efficiency of freshwater prawn farming in southwestern BangladeshBegum, Mst. Esmat Ara; Nastis, Stefanos A.; Papanagiotou, Evangelos
23-Mar-2017The determinants of the performance of dairy smallholders in MalawiBaur, Ivo; Gazzarin, Christian; Banda, McLoyd; Lips, Markus
7-Oct-2015Determination of the silvo-melliferous regions of Benin: a nationwide categorisation of the land based on melliferous plants suitable for timber productionAmakpe, Felicien; Akouehou, Gaston S.; de Graaf, Dirk C.; Sinsin, Brice
2002Detradizionalizzazione e innovazioni in un periodo coinvolgenteBachmair, Ben
2009Deutsch als internationale SpracheMitschian, Haymo
Showing results 294 to 313 of 1658