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Anzeige der Treffer 363 bis 382 von 1700
1994Ecological EconomicsNutzinger, Hans G.
2012Economic evaluation of proposed pure and mixed stands in Central Vietnam highlandsŠálek, Lubomír; Sloup, Roman
1994Economic Instruments for Environmental Protection in AgricultureNutzinger, Hans G.
1982The Economics of Property Rights - A New Paradigm in Social Science?Nutzinger, Hans G.
10-Apr-2016Ecosystem services and adaptation for agriculture and food security: analysis of two decades (1991–2011) of financing by the Global Environment FacilityBakarr, Mohamed; Shrestha, Junu; Severin, Christian
2004Editorial - Gruppe und GeldMöller, Heidi
2005Editorial [zu Journal für Psychologie]Möller, Heidi; Mader, Sabine; Volmerg, Birgit; Sichler, Ralph
2006Editorial [zu Journal für Psychologie]Möller, Heidi
1998Editorial [zu Organisationsberatung, Supervision, clinical management]Schreyögg, Astrid; Möller, Heidi
2000Edutainment und didaktische Inszenierungen auch für die Schule?Bachmair, Ben
2006Effectiveness and efficiency of a universal newborn hearing screening in GermanyNeumann, Katrin; Gross, Manfred; Böttcher, Peter; Euler, Harald A.; Spormann-Lagodzinski, Marlies; Polzer, Melanie
2014Effect of Auger recombination and leakage on the droop in InGaN/GaN quantum well LEDsRömer, Friedhard; Witzigmann, Bernd
3-Apr-2008Effect of dressing on high-order harmonic generation in vibrating H2 moleculesChirilă, Ciprian C.; Lein, Manfred
15-Dez-2017The effect of feeding restriction with cassava flour on carcass composition of broilersToukourou, Youssouf; Issifou, Dassouki Sidi; Alkoiret, Ibrahim Traore; Paraïso, Armand; Mensah, Guy Appolinaire
10-Okt-2016The effect of garlic extract on growth, haematology and cell-mediated immune response of newborn goat kidsShokrollahi, Borhan; Hesami, Sayed Madeh; Baneh, Hasan
1973Effect of nuclear motion on the energy eigenvalues in muonic atomsFricke, Burkhard
8-Sep-2015Effect of planting methods and cyanobacterial inoculants on yield, water productivity and economics of rice cultivationShahane, Amit A.; Singh, Yudh Vir; Kumar, Dinesh; Prasanna, Radha; Chakraborty, Debashish
27-Dez-2017Effect of pre-plant treatments of yam (Dioscorea rotundata) setts on the production of healthy seed yam, seed yam storage and consecutive ware tuber productionClaudius-Cole, Abiodun O.; Kenyon, Lawrence; Coyne, Daniel L.
2-Jun-2015Effect of rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) extract on weight, hematology and cell-mediated immune response of newborn goat kidsShokrollahi, Borhan; Amini, Fardin; Fakour, Shahin; Amiri Andi, Mohammad
2012Effect of rural transportation system on agricultural productivity in Oyo State, NigeriaKassali, Rabirou; Ayanwale, Adeolu Babatunde; Idowu, Ezekiel Olukayode; Williams, Stella Bola
Anzeige der Treffer 363 bis 382 von 1700