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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2006Computation of locally free class groupsBley, Werner; Boltje, Robert
2007Computations in Relative Algebraic K-GroupsBley, Werner; Wilson, Stephen M. J.
2007Computing Generators of Free Modules over Orders in Group AlgebrasBley, Werner; Johnston, Henri
1999Conceptual knowledge discovery with frequent concept latticesStumme, Gerd
2004Conceptual knowledge processing with formal concept analysis and ontologiesCimiano, Philipp; Hotho, Andreas; Stumme, Gerd; Tane, Julien
2008Construction of fractal interpolation surfaces on rectangular gridsMetzler, Wolfgang; Yun, Cholhui
2008Construction of recurrent fractal interpolation surfaces(RFISs) on rectangular gridsMetzler, Wolfgang; Yun, Chol Hui
2006Content aggregation on knowledge bases using graph clusteringSchmitz, Christoph; Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Stumme, Gerd
21-Dec-2017Convergence analysis of time-discretization schemes for rate-independent systemsKnees, Dorothee
2003The Courseware Watchdog: an ontology-based tool for finding and organizing learning materialTane, Julien; Schmitz, Christoph; Stumme, Gerd; Staab, Steffen; Studer, Rudi
2005A crack on the interface of piezo-electric bodiesKulikov, A. A.; Nazarov, Serguei A.; Specovius-Neugebauer, Maria
2003Creation and merging of ontology top-levelsGanter, Bernhard; Stumme, Gerd
2005Degrees of Free Word-Order and Freely Rewriting Restarting AutomataMráz, František; Otto, Friedrich; Plátek, Martin
5-Jul-2006Design and ethics - or: does design require a special moral code?Jonas, Wolfgang
2008Divisibility of Trinomials by Irreducible Polynomials over F_2Kim, Ryul; Koepf, Wolfram
2006Duplication coefficients via generating functionsChaggara, Hamza; Koepf, Wolfram
2002Efficient data mining based on formal concept analysisStumme, Gerd
2005Efficient mining of association rules based on formal concept analysisLakhal, Lotfi; Stumme, Gerd
1999Erfahrungsbericht: Praktische Umsetzung des InformationsmanagementsSteenweg, Helge
2005Error estimates for approximate approximations on compact intervalsMüller, Frank; Varnhorn, Werner
Showing results 21 to 40 of 115