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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Lagrangian approximations and weak solutions of the Navier-Stokes equationsVarnhorn, Werner
2005Learning analysis by reduction from positive dataMráz, František; Otto, Friedrich; Plátek, Martin
1989Mathematical problem solving, modelling, applications, and links to other subjectsBlum, Werner; Niss, Mogens
2006Mind the gap! - Über Wissen und Nichtwissen im DesignJonas, Wolfgang
2006Mining association rules in folksonomiesSchmitz, Christoph; Hotho, Andreas; Jäschke, Robert; Stumme, Gerd
2005Modellierung und numerische Simulation der Thermoregulation von Früh- und NeugeborenenBreuß, Michael; Meister, Andreas; Sonar, Thomas
2007The Navier-Stokes Equations with Particle MethodsVarnhorn, Werner
2007The Navier-Stokes Equations with Time DelayVarnhorn, Werner
2005Negative Größen bei Diophant?Barner, Klaus
2007Network properties of folksonomiesSchmitz, Christoph; Grahl, Miranda; Hotho, Andreas; Stumme, Gerd; Cattuto, Ciro; Baldassarri, Andrea; Loreto, Vittorio; Servedio, Vito D. P.
2007Network properties of folksonomiesCattuto, Ciro; Schmitz, Christoph; Baldassarri, Andrea; Servedio, Vito D. P.; Loreto, Vittorio; Hotho, Andreas; Grahl, Miranda; Stumme, Gerd
Jun-2002Note on B. Holmstrom / P. Milgrom: Aggregation and Linearity in the Provision of Intertemporal Incentives-
2008Numerical Methods for Non-Stationary Stokes FlowVarnhorn, Werner
2006Numerical simulation of tunnel fires using preconditioned finite volume schemesBirken, Philipp
2003Off to new shoresStumme, Gerd
2008On Nonlinear Preconditioners in Newton-Krylov-Methods for Unsteady FlowsBirken, Philipp; Jameson, Antony
2009On Oseen Resolvent Estimates: A Negative ResultDeuring, Paul; Varnhorn, Werner
2011On Solution Sets of Information InequalitiesAy, Nihat; Wenzel, Walter
2010On Solutions of Holonomic Divided-Difference Equations on Non-Uniform LatticesFoupouagnigni, Mama; Koepf, Wolfram; Kenfack Nangho, Maurice; Mboutngam, Salifou
6-Dec-2006On the coexistence of different property right systems - and its consequences for economic growth and developmentVoigt, Stefan
Showing results 60 to 79 of 115