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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1972Calculation of isomer shift in Mössbauer spectroscopyFricke, Burkhard; Waber, James Thomas
1993Calculation of the electronic properties of neutral and ionized divalent-metal clustersGarcia, Martin E.; Pastor, G. M.; Bennemann, K. H.
1993Calculation of the hyperfine structure transition energy and lifetime in the one-electron Bi^82+ ionFinkbeiner, Matthias; Fricke, Burkhard; Kühl, Thomas
1993Calculations of the polycentric linear molecule H^2+_3 with the finite element methodHackel, Siegfried; Heinemann, Dirk; Kolb, Dietmar; Fricke, Burkhard
1976Chemical and physical properties of superheavy elementsFricke, Burkhard; McMinn, John
1990A clear atomic example for the surface sensitivity of penning ionizationHotop, Hartmut; Ruf, Martin W.; Yencha, A. J.; Fricke, Burkhard
2012Co/Au multilayers with graded magnetic anisotropy for magnetic field sensingMatczak, M.; Kuświk, P.; Szymański, B.; Urbaniak, M.; Schmidt, M.; Aleksiejew, J.; Stobiecki, F.; Ehresmann, A.
1984Collision systemsFricke, Burkhard; Rosén, Arne
1981Comparison between experiment and theory in heavy electronic systemsFricke, Burkhard
1989Computation of relativistic symmetry orbitals for finite double point groupsMeyer, J.; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Fricke, Burkhard; Rosén, Arne
19-Jun-2006A computer-algebraic approach to the study of the symmetry properties of molecules and clustersRykhlinskaya, Ekaterina
9-Nov-2006Computeralgebraische Herleitung und Auswertung atomarer Störungsreihen und deren Anwendung auf geschlossenschalige und einfache offenschalige SystemeInghoff, Thorsten
1970The continuation of the periodic table up to Z = 172.Fricke, Burkhard; Greiner, Walter; Waber, James Thomas
1980Contribution of the exact Breit operator plus the electron state-dependent screening to the multiplet and fine structure of muon-electron atomsRashid, Khalid; Fricke, Burkhard
2012Controlled movement of superparamagnetic bead rows for microfluid mixingHolzinger, Dennis; Lengemann, Daniel; Göllner, Florian; Engel, Dieter; Ehresmann, Arno
2014Controlling the transport of an ion: classical and quantum mechanical solutionsFürst, H. A.; Goerz, Michael. H.; Poschinger, U. G.; Murphy, M.; Montangero, S.; Calarco, T.; Schmidt-Kaler, F.; Singer, K.; Koch, Christiane P.
1993Delocalization of a hole in van der Waals clusters: Ionization potential of rare-gas and small Hg_n clustersGarcia, Martin E.; Pastor, G. M.; Bennemann, K. H.
25-Jan-2012Development and applications of density matrix functional theory of generalized Hubbard ModelsSaubanère, Matthieu
31-Oct-2012Development of directly modulated high speed telecommunication lasers based on surface defined feedback gratingsAfzal, Sohaib
1977Dirac-Fock-Slater calculations for the elements Z = 100, fermium, to Z = 173Fricke, Burkhard; Soff, Gerhard
Showing results 24 to 43 of 267