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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1991Inclusive probabilities for the scattering system 16 MeV-S{^16+} on ArKürpick, Peter; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Fricke, Burkhard
1992Inclusive probability calculations for the K-vacancy transfer in collisions of S{^15+} on ArKürpick, Peter; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Fricke, Burkhard
1991Influence of occupation number of single particle levels on K - K charge transfer in collisions of 90 keV - Ne{^9+} on NeKürpick, Peter; Heinemann, Dirk; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Fricke, Burkhard
6-Jun-2008Influence of the buffer environment on the Relative Biological Effectiveness of carbon ion radiation, investigated by Scanning Force Microscopy and gel electrophoresisBrezeanu, Mihail
1982Influence of the electronic shell structure on the elastic scattering of heavy ionsHartung, Helmut; Fricke, Burkhard; Lenz, Holger; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter
1992Influence of the interaction potential on simulated sputtering and reflection dataEckstein, Wolfgang; Hackel, Siegfried; Heinemann, Dirk; Fricke, Burkhard
1978Inner shellsFricke, Burkhard
1983Interatomic potential structures in highly ionized scattering systemsHartung, Helmut; Fricke, Burkhard
1992Interchannel interactions and relaxation in the 2p auger spectra of Mg-like ionsFritzsche, Stephan; Fricke, Burkhard
1976Interpretation of noncharacteristic M X-rays in heavy colliding systems by selfconsistent relativistic molecular calculationsFricke, Burkhard; Morovi´c, Tihomir; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Rosén, Arne; Ellis, Don E.
1977Interpretation of quasimolecular L X-rays in heavy-ion collisionsMorovi´c, Tihomir; Fricke, Burkhard; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Rosén, Arne; Ellis, Don E.
1979Interpretation of the anisotropy of M MO radiation in slow I on Au collisionsHartung, Helmut; Fricke, Burkhard; Morovi´c, Tihomir; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Rosén, Arne
8-Apr-2008Intrinsic channel closing in strong-field single ionization of H2Pieper, Stefan; Lein, Manfred
1990Ionization potentials and radii of atoms and ions of element 104 (unnilquadium) and of hafnium (2+) derived from multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock calculationsJohnson, Elijah; Fricke, Burkhard; Keller Jr., O. Lewin; Nestor Jr., Charles William; Tucker, Thomas C.
1993Ionization potentials and radii of atoms and ions of element 105 (unnilpentium) and ions of tantalum derived from multiconfiguration Dirac-Fock calculationsFricke, Burkhard; Johnson, Elijah; Martinez Rivera, Glorivee
1976Ions of the superheavy elements in vacuum and in solutionWaber, James Thomas; Fricke, Burkhard
2012The J = 2 ortho levels of the v = 0 to 6 np singlet Rydberg series of molecular hydrogen revisitedGlass-Maujean, M.; Schmoranzer, H.; Haar, I.; Knie, A.; Reiss, P,; Ehresmann, A.
1978Kinematic dipole model for the anisotropy of quasimolecular X-raysHartung, Helmut; Fricke, Burkhard
28-Nov-2016Kohärente transiente und effiziente Endzustandskontrolle in Atomen und MolekülenBraun, Hendrike
1981Kr - Kr correlation diagram and its use in heavy-ion collisionsFricke, Burkhard; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter
Showing results 119 to 138 of 296