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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1987Test for basis-set errors in relativistic Dirac-Fock-Slater calculations with a numerical AO-DFS-basisSepp, Wolf-Dieter; Fricke, Burkhard
2007Theoretical and experimental analysis of a partially textured thrust bearing with square dimplesMarian, V. G.; Kilian, M.; Scholz, W.
1985Theoretical evidence for quasi-molecular structure at small internuclear distances in elastic ion-atom scatteringHartung, Helmut; Fricke, Burkhard; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Sengler, Wolfhard; Kolb, Dietmar
1971Theoretical predictions of the chemistry of superheavy elements.Fricke, Burkhard; Waber, James Thomas
27-Feb-2012Theoretical study of magnetism, structure and chemical order in transition-metal alloy clustersMokkath, Junais Habeeb
1994Theoretical study of the physicochemical properties of the light transactinidesPershina, Valerija G.; Fricke, Burkhard; Ionova, Galina V.
1989Theoretical study of the structural dependence of nuclear quadrupole frequencies in high-T_c superconductorsGarcia, Martin E.; Bennemann, K. H.
1994Theory for Optical Absorption in Small Clusters: Dependence on Atomic Structure and Cluster SizeGrabowski, S.; Garcia, Martin E.; Bennemann, K. H.
1991Theory for the change of bond character in divalent-metal clustersGarcia, Martin E.; Pastor, G. M.; Bennemann, K. H.
1991Theory for the optical properties of small Hg_n clustersBaladrón, C.; Garcia, Martin E.; Stampfli, P.; Bennemann, K. H.
1988Theory for the Photoacoustic Response to X-Ray AbsorptionGarcia, Martin E.; Pastor, G. M.; Bennemann, K. H.
21-Apr-2010Theory of laser-induced ultrafast structural changes in solidsDiakhate, Momar Sokhna
2011Thermal exchange bias field drift in field cooled Mn_83Ir_17/Co_70Fe_30 thin films after 10 keV He ion bombardmentEhresmann, Arno; Schmidt, Christoph; Weis, Tanja; Engel, Dieter
2011Thermal exchange bias field drifts after 10 keV He ion bombardmentSchmidt, Christoph; Weis, Tanja; Engel, Dieter; Ehresmann, Arno
15-Dec-2004Thermische Stabilität und Modifizierung der magnetischen Austauschanisotropie in SchichtsystemenPaetzold, Andreas
1994Thermodynamic functions of element 105 in neutral and ionized statesPershina, Valerija G.; Fricke, Burkhard; Ionova, Galina V.; Johnson, Elijah
1993Three-electron radiative transitionsEhresmann, Arno; Kilin, V. A.; Chernysheva, L. V.; Schmoranzer, H.; Amusia, M. Ya.; Schartner, K.-H.
1978Threshold behaviour of L x-ray excitation in Xe - Ag collisionsLutz, Hans O.; McMurray, W. R.; Pretorius, Rene; Morovi´c, Tihomir; Fricke, Burkhard; Sepp, Wolf-Dieter; Heerden, Ieks J. van
1990Threshold scan of the Ne 2s-electron photoionization cross editionSchartner, K.-H.; Möbus, B.; Mentzel, G.; Ehresmann, Arno; Vollweiler, F.; Schmoranzer, H.
1993Time-resolved studies of neutral and ionized Na_n clusters with femtosecond light pulsesBaumert, Thomas; Thalweiser, Rainer; Weiß, V.; Gerber, Gustav
Showing results 248 to 267 of 293