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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
7-Nov-2017Acoustic detection of insect pests of stored grains in KenyaNjoroge, Anastasia Wanjiru
2005Agricultural, architectural and archaeological evidence for the role and ecological adaptation of a scattered mountain oasis in OmanSiebert, S.; Häser, J.; Nagieb, M.; Korn, L.; Bürkert, Andreas
16-Feb-2012Agricultural practices and horizontal nutrient balances in urban gardens and the alternative use of urban agricultural land in Khartoum, SudanAbdalla, Sahar Babiker Ahmed
10-Dec-2014Agronomic aspects of intercropping spring or winter peas and cereals as influenced by ploughing systemGronle, Annkathrin
23-Mar-2017Akustische Echtzeit-Erkennung des Messerzustandes in FeldhäckslernSiebald, Hubertus
12-Aug-2015Alley cropping of willows and grassland for bioenergy provision: productivity, tree-crop interactions and energy balanceEhret, Miriam Nadin
15-Dec-2017Amount, composition and turnover of organic matter in topsoils and subsoils under mature beech forestVormstein, Svendja
7-Jun-2016Analyzing Gene Centres with the Help of the Checklist Method – the Case of SyriaKywan, Khouloud
19-Oct-2012Application of biogas slurries from energy crops to arable soils and their impact on carbon and nitrogen dynamicsSänger, Anja
2016Assessing trends in land use change in the Borana rangeland Ethiopia as one cause of greenhouse gas emissions and carbon sequestration variationsMgalula, Michael Elias
23-Sep-2002Aufbereitete Aluminium-Salzschlacke als Rekultivierungsmaterial : Untersuchungen zum Stoff- und Wasserhalthalt eines Rekultivierungsmaterials im Labor und FreilandWöhler, Volko
5-Apr-2013Auswirkung der Rückführung von Kurzumtriebsplantagen in Acker- und Grünlandnutzung auf Boden C-FraktionenTönshoff, Charlotte
2005Bacterial ecology of ancient Saharan salt-enrichment ponds at Teguidda-n-TessoumtAlvey, Samuel; Yang, Ching-Hong; Bürkert, Andreas; Crowley, David E.
18-Aug-2010Bedeutung der C- und N-Rhizodeposition für das mikrobielle Wachstum und den mikrobiellen Umsatz von C und N in der Rhizosphäre in Abhängigkeit von der Entfernung zur WurzelSchenck zu Schweinsberg-Mickan, Mario
7-Jun-2016Biomass, quality traits and methane production of extensive grassland: biodiversity effects and sensor approachesReddersen, Björn
27-Jan-2017Boxwood Borer Heterobostrychus brunneus (Coleoptera: Bostrichidae) Infesting Dried Cassava: A Current Record from Southern EthiopiaParmar, Aditya; Kirchner, Sascha M.; Langguth, Henning; Döring, Thomas F.; Hensel, Oliver
2001Causes of legume-rotation effects in increasing cereal yields across the Sudanian, Sahelian and Guinean zone of West AfricaBürkert, Andreas; Bagayoko, M.; Alvey, S.; Bationo, A.
28-Aug-2013Causes of legume rotation induced yield increases in cereals grown on West African soilsFormowitz, Beate
2003Cereal/legume rotation effects on rhizosphere bacterial community structure in West African soilsAlvey, S.; Yang, C.-H.; Bürkert, Andreas; Crowley, D. E.
2001Cereal/legume rotations affect chemical properties and biological activities in two West African soilsAlvey, S.; Bagayoko, M.; Neumann, G.; Bürkert, Andreas
Showing results 1 to 20 of 155