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Title: Degrees of Free Word-Order and Freely Rewriting Restarting Automata
Authors: Mráz, FrantišekOtto, FriedrichPlátek, Martin
???metadata.dc.subject.ddc???: 004 - Informatik (Data processing Computer science)
Issue Date: 2005
Publisher: Universität Kassel, FB 17, Mathematik/Informatik
Series/Report no.: Mathematische Schriften Kassel05, 05
Abstract: In natural languages with a high degree of word-order freedom syntactic phenomena like dependencies (subordinations) or valencies do not depend on the word-order (or on the individual positions of the individual words). This means that some permutations of sentences of these languages are in some (important) sense syntactically equivalent. Here we study this phenomenon in a formal way. Various types of j-monotonicity for restarting automata can serve as parameters for the degree of word-order freedom and for the complexity of word-order in sentences (languages). Here we combine two types of parameters on computations of restarting automata: 1. the degree of j-monotonicity, and 2. the number of rewrites per cycle. We study these notions formally in order to obtain an adequate tool for modelling and comparing formal descriptions of (natural) languages with different degrees of word-order freedom and word-order complexity.
URI: urn:nbn:de:hebis:34-200604038969
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