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Title: Relativistic ab initio calculations for ion-atom collisions
Authors: Kürpick, PeterAuer, UweSepp, Wolf-DieterFricke, Burkhard
???metadata.dc.subject.ddc???: 530 - Physik (Physics)
Issue Date: 1993
Publisher: Richard, Patrick (Hrsg.)
Citation: In: Richard, Patrick (Hrsg.): VIth International Conference on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions : Manhattan, KS 1992. New York : American Institute of Physics, 1993. S. 298-302
Series/Report no.: AIP conference proceedings274
Abstract: Within the independent particle model we solve the time-dependent single-particle equation using ab initio SCF-DIRAC-FOCK-SLATER wavefunctions as a basis. To reinstate the many-particle aspect of the collision system we use the inclusive probability formalism to answer experimental questions. As an example we show an application to the case of S{^15+} on Ar where experimental data on the K-K charge transfer are available for a wide range of impact energies from 4.7 to 90 MeV. Our molecular adiabatic calculations and the evaluation using the inclusive probability formalism show good results in the low energy range from 4.7 to 16 MeV impact energy.
URI: urn:nbn:de:hebis:34-2008071822913
ISBN: 1-56396-102-4
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