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Title: Electronic configuration in the ground state of atomic lawrencium
Authors: Nugent, L. J.Sluis, K. L. vanderFricke, BurkhardMann, Joseph B.
???metadata.dc.subject.ddc???: 530 - Physik (Physics)
Issue Date: 1974
Citation: In: Physical review / A. - Melville, NY : AIP, 9.1974, S. 2270 - 2272
Abstract: Self-consistent relativistic Dirac-Hartree-Fock calculations have been made of some lowlying electronic energies for the atoms of all elements in ground-state ds^2 electron configurations. The results indicate that, contrary to some previous estimates, the ground electronic state of atomic Lr could be in either the 5f^14 6d7s^2 or the 5f^14 7p 7s^2 electron configuration. The separation between the lowest energy level of the 5f^14 6d7s^2 configuration and the lowest energy level of the 5f^14 7p7s^2 configuration is estimated to be (0 ± 3) x 10^3 cm^-1 for atomic Lr.
URI: urn:nbn:de:hebis:34-2008091523764
ISSN: 0556-27911050-2947
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