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Titel: Transitions between quintet states of doubly excited four-electron ions
Sonstige Titel: Experiment and MCDF theory along the isoelectronic sequence
Autor(en): Blanke, Johannes HolgerFricke, BurkhardSepp, Wolf-DieterHeckmann, Paul HeinrichMöller, G.Wagner, C.
Klassifikation (DDC): 530 - Physik (Physics)
Issue Date: 1990
Zitierform: In: Physica scripta. Stockholm : Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Vol. 42 (1990), S. 522 - 529
Zusammenfassung: Following an earlier observation in F VI we identified the line pair 1s2s2p^2 {^5P}-1s2s2p3d {^5P^0} , {^5D^0} for the elements N, O, Mg, and tentatively for A1 and Si in beam-foil spectra. Assignment was established by comparison with Multi-Configuration Dirac-Fock calculations along the isoelectronic sequence. Using this method we also identified some quartet lines of lithium-like ions with Z > 10.
URI: urn:nbn:de:hebis:34-2008092223900
ISSN: 0031-8949
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