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2-Mai-2012Effect of management strategies on the performance of ruminant livestock production systems and the safety of plant and animal products in the city of Sikasso, MaliAmadou, Hamadoun
12-Nov-2010Effects of Different Feeding Regimes on the Digestibility and Faecal Excretion of Nitrogen, Soluble Carbohydrates and Fibre Fractions in Water Buffaloes kept under Subtropical ConditionsAl-Asfoor, Husam
26-Apr-2017Effects of mild water restriction on digestion and nitrogen metabolism in a desert adapted goat breedRamadhan, Mwanaima Rajab
19-Nov-2016Emerging Development Pathways of Urban Livestock Production in Rapidly Growing West Africa CitiesRoessler, Regina; Mpouam, Serge E.; Muchemwa, Tichaona; Schlecht, Eva
29-Mär-2018Evolution of Rural Livelihood Strategies in a Remote Sino-Mongolian Border Area: A Cross-Country AnalysisTsvegemed, Munkhnasan; Shabier, Alimu; Schlecht, Eva; Jordan, Greta; Wiehle, Martin
17-Aug-2016Herd management and livestock productivity in the Altai region of Western MongoliaTsevegmed, Munkhnasan
17-Nov-2009Horizontal nutrient fluxes and production efficiencies in urban and peri-urban crop and livestock husbandry of Niamey, NigerDiogo, Rodrigue Vivien Cao
2015Human and Raptor Interactions in the Context of a Nomadic SocietySoma, Takuya
2015Influence of quebracho tannin extract and activated charcoal on nutrient intake and digestibility, digesta passage, nitrogen balance, and quality of faecal excreta in goatsAl Kindi, Amal
27-Okt-2015Interrelatedness of grazing livestock with vegetation parameters and farmers’ livelihoods in the Mahafaly region, southwestern MadagascarFeldt, Tobias
16-Aug-2016Opportunities and constraints of transhumant small ruminant production in the Chinese Altay MountainsShabier, Alimu
11-Jun-2018Participatory Mapping as an Approach to Identify Grazing Pressure in the Altay Mountains, MongoliaAltmann, Brianne A.; Jordan, Greta; Schlecht, Eva
26-Jun-2017Phenotypic diversity, major genes and production potential of local chickens and guinea fowl in Tamale, northern GhanaBrown, Michael Mensah; Alenyorege, Benjamin; Teye, Gabriel Ayum; Roessler, Regina
16-Okt-2013Prevalence of intestinal parasites in small ruminants and their senstivity to treatments with ethnobotanical remedies in Cholistan, PakistanRaza, Muhammad Asif
29-Jan-2018The relevance of herders’ local ecological knowledge on coping with livestock losses during harsh winters in western MongoliaSoma, Takuya; Schlecht, Eva
7-Dez-2012The role of ligneous vegetation for livestock nutrition in the sub-Sahelian and Sudanian zones of West Africa: Potential effects of climate changeNouhoun, Zampaligré
4-Jul-2016Spatio-temporal patterns of herbage availability and livestock movements: A cross-border analysis in the Chinese-Mongolian AltayJordan, Greta; Goenster, Sven; Munkhnasan, Tsevegmed; Shabier, Alimu; Buerkert, Andreas; Schlecht, Eva
23-Jan-2013Status and Potential of Smallholder Livestock Production Systems in Xishuangbanna, southern P.R. ChinaRiedel, Simon
Anzeige der Treffer 1 bis 18 von 18