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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20065. Krypto-Tag - Workshop über KryptographieLaue, Ralf; Huss, Sorin A.; Tyss, Karl; Schindler, Werner; Zenner, Erik; Bunimov, Viktor; Weinmann, Ralf-Philipp; Armknecht, Frederik; Westhoff, Dirk
2002An algebraic proof of Iitaka's conjecture C2,1Wessler, Markus
2005Anisotropic adaptive resolution of boundary layers for heat conduction problemsBreuß, Michael; Dolejsi, Vit; Meister, Andreas
2007Approximate Approximations and a Boundary Point Method for the Linearized Stokes SystemKönig, Sergej; Varnhorn, Werner
2006Approximate approximations for the Poisson and the Stokes equationsSamrowski, Tatiana S.; Varnhorn, Werner
2009Approximate solutions and error estimates for a Stokes boundary value problemMüller, Frank; Varnhorn, Werner
2005An approximation method using approximate approximationsMüller, Frank; Varnhorn, Werner
2005Artificial boundary conditions for the Stokes and Navier-Stokes equations in domains that are layer-like at infinityNazarov, Serguei A.; Specovius-Neugebauer, Maria
2005Asymptotics of number fields and the Cohen-Lenstra heuristicsKlüners, Jürgen
2-May-2017Balanced Viscosity solutions to a rate-independent system for damageKnees, Dorothee; Rossi, Riccarda; Zanini, Chiara
2005Bieberbach's Conjecture, the de Branges and Weinstein Functions and the Askey-Gasper InequalityKoepf, Wolfram
2010Characterization theorem for classical orthogonal polynomials on non-uniform lattices: The functional approachFoupouagnigni, Mama; Kenfack Nangho, Maurice; Mboutngam, Salifou
2006Church-Rosser groups and growing context-sensitive groupsKambites, Mark; Otto, Friedrich
2006Computation of locally free class groupsBley, Werner; Boltje, Robert
2007Computations in Relative Algebraic K-GroupsBley, Werner; Wilson, Stephen M. J.
2007Computing Generators of Free Modules over Orders in Group AlgebrasBley, Werner; Johnston, Henri
2008Construction of fractal interpolation surfaces on rectangular gridsMetzler, Wolfgang; Yun, Cholhui
2008Construction of recurrent fractal interpolation surfaces(RFISs) on rectangular gridsMetzler, Wolfgang; Yun, Chol Hui
21-Dec-2017Convergence analysis of time-discretization schemes for rate-independent systemsKnees, Dorothee
2005A crack on the interface of piezo-electric bodiesKulikov, A. A.; Nazarov, Serguei A.; Specovius-Neugebauer, Maria
Showing results 1 to 20 of 58