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29-Aug-2016Adaptability of three newly introduced apricot (Prunus armeniaca L.) cultivars to Egyptian conditionsMohamed, Azza Ibrahim; Mohamed, Sooad Ahmed; Mahmoud, Thanaa Sh. M.
16-Okt-2017Adapting Gambian women livestock farmers’ roles in food production to climate changeOlaniyan, Olawale Festus
20-Dez-2013Agricultural Production and Yield Estimation: Two distinctive aspects of Brazilian Agriculture and a perspective on world food problemsBardal, Diogo
23-Dez-2016Assessing the impact of agricultural drought on maize prices in Kenya with the approach of the SPOT-VEGETATION NDVI remote sensingShuaibu, Sakirat M.; Ogbodo, John A.; Wasige, Ejiet J.; Mashi, Sani A.
25-Apr-2013Balancing Economic Development with Environmental Conservation: Challenges Facing the North and SouthField, Nayomi
23-Apr-2013Biofuel as the solution of alternative energy production?Beccles, Richard
20-Dez-2013The Brazilian Zero Hunger social program implications in achieving sustainable developmentMarques, Rafael Diógenes; Ganem, Amanda Motta; Marques, José Carlos
20-Mai-2015Caimanes and the Water - Infinite Legal Struggles about a Finite GoodLehne, Florian
23-Dez-2016Capacity building activities in rain water harvesting: South KyrgyzstanOtunchieva, Aiperi
29-Dez-2017The case for citizen science in urban agriculture researchPollard, Georgia; Roetman, Philip; Ward, James
10-Jun-2014Climate-Adaptive Community Water Management for Food Security: Experiences from the UNDP Community Water InitiativeChen, Sulan; Davis, Katharina
27-Dez-2016Climate change adaptation solutions for the green sectors of selected zones in the MENA regionElbehri, Aziz; Sadiddin, Ahmad
25-Apr-2013Climate change and hunger as the challenges in the global food systemStoddart, Ana Florencia
10-Jun-2014Connecting the Water and Carbon Cycles for the Generation of Food Security and Ecosystem ServicesBurke, Shivaan M.; Poncé-Hernandez, Raul
20-Dez-2013Contradictions within the Modern Food System: Nutritional Disbalance across the Globe, Its Main Drivers and Possible Ways OutLapatina, Liubov; Ploeger, Angelika
20-Jun-2017Cultivating changes: Urban Agriculture as a tool for socio-spatial transformationGiacchè, Giulia; Paffarini, Chiara; Torquati, Biancamaria
20-Mai-2015Cultivating the City: Infrastructures of abundance in urban BrazilAbelman, Jacques
23-Dez-2016Debating food production at dinner time: Mainstream audiences are invited to debate the ethics of agricultural practices in BrazilDiefenbach Goulart, Marina
29-Dez-2017Documenting the social and environmental consequences of oil palm plantations in NicaraguaTittor, Anne
10-Jun-2014Drinking water issues in Rural India: Need for stakeholders’ participation in Water resources managementSubramanian, Lalitha; Siromony, P. Michael Vetha
Anzeige der Treffer 1 bis 20 von 85