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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Controlling the transport of an ion: classical and quantum mechanical solutionsFürst, H. A.; Goerz, Michael H.; Poschinger, U. G.; Murphy, M.; Montangero, S.; Calarco, T.; Schmidt-Kaler, F.; Singer, K.; Koch, Christiane P.
2014Detecting ultrafast interatomic electronic processes in media by fluorescenceKnie, André; Hans, Andreas; Förstel, Marko; Hergenhahn, Uwe; Schmidt, Philipp; Reiß, Philipp; Ozga, Christian; Kambs, Benjamin; Trinter, Florian; Voigtsberger, Jörg; Metz, Daniel; Jahnke, Till; Dörner, Reinhard; Kuleff, Alexander I.; Cederbaum, Lorenz S.; Demekhin, Philipp V.; Ehresmann, Arno
2015Development of 18 Polymorphic Microsatellite Markers for Vinca minor (Apocynaceae) via 454 PyrosequencingMoeller, Sina; Wöhrmann, Tina; Huettel, Bruno; Weising, Kurt
3-May-2016Different forms of life satisfaction and their relation to affectivityHarzer, Claudia; Ehrlich, Christian
2015Does interpersonal behavior of psychotherapy trainees differ in private and professional relationships?Fincke, Janna I.; Möller, Heidi; Taubner, Svenja
2014Effect of Auger recombination and leakage on the droop in InGaN/GaN quantum well LEDsRömer, Friedhard; Witzigmann, Bernd
2014Effects of changing water availability on land use in irrigated mountain oases of Al Jabal Al Akhdar, northern OmanAl-Rawahi, Mohamed Nasser; Brinkmann, Katja; Schlecht, Eva; Bürkert, Andreas
20-Oct-2016The Effects of Visual Discriminability and Rotation Angle on 30-Month-Olds’ Search Performance in Spatial Rotation TasksEbersbach, Mirjam; Nawroth, Christian
2014Electronic origin of bond softening and hardening in femtosecond-laser-excited magnesiumGrigoryan, Naira S.; Zijlstra, Eeuwe S.; Garcia, Martin E.
19-Nov-2016Emerging Development Pathways of Urban Livestock Production in Rapidly Growing West Africa CitiesRoessler, Regina; Mpouam, Serge E.; Muchemwa, Tichaona; Schlecht, Eva
2013Enlarging a training set for genomic selction by imputation of un-genotyped animals in populations of varying genetic architecturePimentel, Eduardo C. G.; Wensch-Dorendorf, Monika; König, Sven; Swalve, Hermann H.
29-Jun-2016Evaluation of breeding strategies for polledness in dairy cattle using a newly developed simulation framework for quantitative and Mendelian traitsScheper, Carsten; Wensch-Dorendorf, Monika; Yin, Tong; Dressel, Holger; Swalve, Herrmann; König, Sven
2015Exploiting non-Markovianity for quantum controlReich, Daniel M.; Katz, Nadav; Koch, Christiane P.
2015Femtosecond wavepacket interferometry using the rotational dynamics of a trapped cold molecular ionBerglund, J. Martin; Drewsen, Michael; Koch, Christiane P.
21-Jan-2017Fusion of Ultrasonic and Spectral Sensor Data for Improving the Estimation of Biomass in Grasslands with Heterogeneous Sward StructureMoeckel, Thomas; Safari, Hanieh; Reddersen, Björn; Fricke, Thomas; Wachendorf, Michael
25-Jan-2016Giving Is Nicer than Taking: Preschoolers Reciprocate Based on the Social Intentions of the DistributorVogelsang, Martina; Tomasello, Michael
2014Happy growers! Relationship quality in the German organic apple chainZander, Katrin; Beske, Philip
3-Mar-2017Heavy Metals and Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Urban Leaf Litter Designated for CombustionNitsche, Meike; Nurmatov, Nodirjon; Hensgen, Frank; Wachendorf, Michael
16-Jun-2016High-precision force sensing using a single trapped ionIvanov, Peter A.; Vitanov, Nikolay V.; Singer, Kilian
30-Nov-2016High-Quality Solid Fuel Production from Leaf Litter of Urban Street TreesNurmatov, Nodirjon; Gomez, Daniel Armando Leon; Hensgen, Frank; Bühle, Lutz; Wachendorf, Michael
Showing results 7 to 26 of 63