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1-Jan-2018A Paradigm Shift in Water Quality Governance in a Transitional Context: A Critical Study about the Empowerment of Local Governance in GeorgiaWithanachchi, Sisira Saddhamangala; Ghambashidze, Giorgi; Kunchulia, Ilia; Urushadze, Teo; Ploeger, Angelika
11-Jun-2018Participatory Mapping as an Approach to Identify Grazing Pressure in the Altay Mountains, MongoliaAltmann, Brianne A.; Jordan, Greta; Schlecht, Eva
26-Jun-2017Phenotypic diversity, major genes and production potential of local chickens and guinea fowl in Tamale, northern GhanaBrown, Michael Mensah; Alenyorege, Benjamin; Teye, Gabriel Ayum; Roessler, Regina
2015A pilot investigation of the relationship between climate variability and milk compounds under the bootstrap techniqueMarami Milani, Mohammad Reza; Hense, Andreas; Rahmani, Elham; Ploeger, Angelika
9-Aug-2017The Positive Facet of Self-compassion Predicts Self-reported Use of and Attitudes toward Desirable Difficulties in LearningWagner, Laura K.; Schindler, Simon; Reinhard, Marc-André
4-Mai-2018Preferential weakening of rotational magnetic anisotropy by keV-He ion bombardment in polycrystalline exchange bias layer systemsMüglich, Nicolas David; Merkel, Maximilian; Gaul, Alexander; Meyl, Markus; Götz, Gerhard; Reiss, Günter; Kuschel, Timo; Ehresmann, Arno
4-Okt-2017Preparation and Molecular Structure of a Cyclopentyl-Substituted Cage Hexasilsesquioxane T6 (T = cyclopentyl-SiO1.5) Starting from the Corresponding SilanetriolKahr, Jürgen; Belaj, Ferdinand; Pietschnig, Rudolf
11-Jul-2018Protein Phosphatase Sit4 Affects Lipid Droplet Synthesis and Soraphen A Resistance Independent of Its Role in Regulating Elongator Dependent tRNA ModificationBozaquel-Morais, Bruno Leonardo; Vogt, Leonie; D’Angelo, Valentina; Schaffrath, Raffael; Klassen, Roland; Montero-Lomelí, Mónica
23-Jul-2018Rainfall Prediction with AMSR–E Soil Moisture Products Using SM2RAIN and Nonlinear Autoregressive Networks with Exogenous Input (NARX) for Poorly Gauged Basins: Application to the Karkheh River Basin, IranFereidoon, Majid; Koch, Manfred
30-Mai-2017Relationships between Motor and Executive Functions and the Effect of an Acute Coordinative Intervention on Executive Functions in KindergartnersStein, Marion; Auerswald, Max; Ebersbach, Mirjam
2015The relationships of character strengths with coping, work-related stress, and job satisfactionHarzer, Claudia; Ruch, Willibald
29-Jan-2018The relevance of herders’ local ecological knowledge on coping with livestock losses during harsh winters in western MongoliaSoma, Takuya; Schlecht, Eva
30-Mär-2018Requirement of the Dynein-Adaptor Spindly for Mitotic and Post-Mitotic Functions in DrosophilaClemente, Giuliana D.; Hannaford, Matthew R.; Beati, Hamze; Kapp, Katja; Januschke, Jens; Griffis, Eric R.; Müller, Hans-Arno J.
5-Apr-2016Review of the Psychodinae from Mallorca, Spain, with description of Pericoma unipennata, sp. n. (Diptera, Psychodidae)Kvifte, Gunnar Mikalsen; Stokkan, Morten; Wagner, Rüdiger
26-Jan-2017Role of Pseudouridine Formation by Deg1 for Functionality of Two Glutamine Isoacceptor tRNAsKlassen, Roland; Schaffrath, Raffael
14-Feb-2018Roots of symptom-free leguminous cover crop and living mulch species harbor diverse Fusarium communities that show highly variable aggressiveness on pea (Pisum sativum)Šišić, Adnan; Baćanović-Šišić, Jelena; Karlovsky, Petr; Wittwer, Raphaël; Walder, Florian; Campiglia, Enio; Radicetti, Emanuele; Friberg, Hanna; Baresel, Jörg Peter; Finckh, Maria R.
21-Mär-2018S-Adenosyl-L-Homocysteine Hydrolase Inhibition by a Synthetic Nicotinamide Cofactor BiomimeticKailing, Lyn L.; Bertinetti, Daniela; Paul, Caroline E.; Manszewski, Tomasz; Jaskolski, Mariusz; Herberg, Friedrich W.; Pavlidis, Ioannis V.
27-Jun-2018Short-spored Subulicystidium (Trechisporales, Basidiomycota): high morphological diversity and only partly clear species boundariesOrdynets, Alexander; Scherf, David; Pansegrau, Felix; Denecke, Jonathan; Lysenko, Ludmila; Larsson, Karl-Henrik; Langer, Ewald
2014Signaling of Pigment-Dispersing Factor (PDF) in the Madeira Cockroach Rhyparobia maderaeWei, Hongying; Yasar, Hanzey; Funk, Nico W.; Giese, Maria; Baz, El-Sayed; Stengl, Monika
2015A simple retroelement based knock-down system in DictyosteliumFriedrich, Michael; Meier, Doreen; Schuster, Isabelle; Nellen, Wolfgang
Anzeige der Treffer 73 bis 92 von 109