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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Signaling of Pigment-Dispersing Factor (PDF) in the Madeira Cockroach Rhyparobia maderaeWei, Hongying; Yasar, Hanzey; Funk, Nico W.; Giese, Maria; Baz, El-Sayed; Stengl, Monika
2015A simple retroelement based knock-down system in DictyosteliumFriedrich, Michael; Meier, Doreen; Schuster, Isabelle; Nellen, Wolfgang
11-May-2017Social Loafing in the Refugee Crisis: Information about Existing Initiatives Decreases Willingness to HelpReese, Gerhard; Schindler, Simon
2-Aug-2016Socio-economic characterisation of date palm (Phoenix dactylifera L.) growers and date value chains in PakistanFatima, Ghayoor; Khan, Iqrar Ahmad; Buerkert, Andreas
4-Jul-2016Spatio-temporal patterns of herbage availability and livestock movements: A cross-border analysis in the Chinese-Mongolian AltayJordan, Greta; Goenster, Sven; Munkhnasan, Tsevegmed; Shabier, Alimu; Buerkert, Andreas; Schlecht, Eva
2015Spatio-temporal resolution studies on a highly compact ultrafast electron diffractometerGerbig, C.; Senftleben, A.; Morgenstern, S.; Sarpe, C.; Baumert, T.
2013Squeezed thermal phonons precurse nonthermal melting of silicon as a function of fluenceZijlstra, Eeuwe S.; Kalitsov, Alan; Zier, Tobias; Garcia, Martin E.
2015Strategies towards evaluation beyond scientific impactWolf, Birge; Häring, Anna-Maria; Heß, Jürgen
24-Oct-2016Sulfur transfer and activation by ubiquitin-like modifier system Uba4•Urm1 link protein urmylation and tRNA thiolation in yeastJüdes, André; Bruch, Alexander; Klassen, Roland; Helm, Mark; Schaffrath, Raffael
5-Aug-2016tRNA anticodon loop modifications ensure protein homeostasis and cell morphogenesis in yeastKlassen, Roland; Ciftci, Akif; Funk, Johanna; Bruch, Alexander; Butter, Falk; Schaffrath, Raffael
17-Aug-2016Urban Agriculture Oriented towards Self-Supply, Social and Commercial Purpose: A TypologyKrikser, Thomas; Piorr, Annette; Berges, Regine; Opitz, Ina
18-Mar-2017Using Grass Cuttings from Sports Fields for Anaerobic Digestion and CombustionNitsche, Meike; Hensgen, Frank; Wachendorf, Michael
2015Vesicle motion during sustained exocytosis in chromaffin cellsJarukanont, Daungruthai; Bonifas Arredondo, Imelda; Femat, Ricardo; Garcia, Martin E.
Showing results 51 to 63 of 63