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8-Sep-2015Effect of planting methods and cyanobacterial inoculants on yield, water productivity and economics of rice cultivationShahane, Amit A.; Singh, Yudh Vir; Kumar, Dinesh; Prasanna, Radha; Chakraborty, Debashish
15-Sep-2015Effect of within-litter birth weight variation on piglet survival and pre-weaning weight gain in a commercial herdMarandu, Norest; Halimani, Tinyiko Edward; Chimonyo, Michael; Shoniwa, Andrew; Mutibvu, Tonderai
19-Aug-2015Effects of row spacing on productivity and nodulation of two soybean varieties under hot sub-moist tropical conditions in south-western EthiopiaWorku, Mohammed; Astatkie, Tessema
8-Okt-2015Evaluation of major feed resources in crop-livestock mixed farming systems, southern Ethiopia: Indigenous knowledge versus laboratory analysis resultsTalore, Deribe Gemiyo
10-Nov-2015Factors affecting choice of financial services among rural consumers: Emerging experiences from Gicumbi District, northern Province in RwandaMutandwa, Edward; Kwiringirimana, Theophile
21-Sep-2015Factors influencing the use of selected inputs in yam production in Nigeria and GhanaMignouna, Djana Babatima; Abdoulaye, Tahirou; Akinola, Adebayo A.; Alene, Arega; Nweke, Felix
26-Nov-2015How do domestic policies affect the integration of Ethiopian fertiliser markets with world markets?Agbahey, Johanes Uriel Ibidjola; Luckmann, Jonas; Grethe, Harald; Alamirew Alemu, Bamlaku
14-Okt-2015Influence of farmers educational level on comprehending, acting-upon and sharing of agro advisoriesGowda, M. J. Chandre; Dixit, Sreenath
14-Okt-2015Poverty targeting and income impact of subsidised credit on accessed households in the Northern Mountainous Region of VietnamLuan, Do Xuan; Bauer, Siegfried; Thi Lan Anh, Nguyen
10-Nov-2015Transaction costs of farmers’ participation in forest management: Policy implications of payments for environmental services schemes in VietnamManasboonphempool, Areeya; Milan, Florence M.; Zeller, Manfred
Anzeige der Treffer 2 bis 11 von 11