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6-Sep-2017Activities and influence of veterinary drug marketers on antimicrobial usage in livestock production in Oyo and Kaduna States, NigeriaOjo, Olufemi Ernest; Awoyomi, Olajoju Jokotola; Fabusoro, Eniola; Dipeolu, Morenike Atinuke
20-Okt-2017Adoption of an improved bean seed variety and consumption of beans in rural Madagascar: Evidence from a randomised control trialBosch, Christine; Zeller, Manfred; Deffner, Domenica
26-Jun-2017Ameliorative potential of vitamin E on the impact of dietary fumonisin B1 on reproductive performance of female rabbitsGbore, Francis Ayodeji; Adu, Olufemi Adesanya
3-Nov-2017Assessing the impact of social grant-dependency on participation of KwaZulu-Natal rural households in farming: Application of the generalised propensity score methodSinyolo, Sikhulumile; Mudhara, Maxwell; Wale, Edilegnaw
4-Sep-2017Changes in biochemical characteristics and Na and K content of caper (Capparis spinosa L.) seedlings under water and salt stressSadeghi, Hossein; Rostami, Laleh
5-Dez-2017Determinants of participation in cavy marketing: Evidence from the Democratic Republic of CongoSimtowe, Franklin; Paul, Birthe Katharina; Wimba, Benjamin M. M.; Bacigale, Samy B.; Chiuri, Wanjiku L.; Maass, Brigitte L.
15-Dez-2017The effect of feeding restriction with cassava flour on carcass composition of broilersToukourou, Youssouf; Issifou, Dassouki Sidi; Alkoiret, Ibrahim Traore; Paraïso, Armand; Mensah, Guy Appolinaire
27-Dez-2017Effect of pre-plant treatments of yam (Dioscorea rotundata) setts on the production of healthy seed yam, seed yam storage and consecutive ware tuber productionClaudius-Cole, Abiodun O.; Kenyon, Lawrence; Coyne, Daniel L.
25-Jul-2017Index-based agricultural insurance products: challenges, opportunities and prospects for uptake in sub-Sahara AfricaNtukamazina, Nepomuscene; Onwonga, Richard N.; Sommer, Rolf; Rubyogo, Jean Claude; Mukankusi, Clare M.; Mburu, John; Kariuki, Rahab
20-Dez-2017Production and milk marketing strategies of small-scale dairy farmers in the South of Rio Grande do Sul, BrazilNeutzling, Aline dos Santos; Dossa, Luc Hippolyte; Schlecht, Eva
17-Dez-2017The role of State Forest Enterprises in the payments for Forest Environmental Services Programme in VietnamMilan, Florence; Huong, Tran Thi Thu; Hoanh, Chu Thai; Suhardiman, Diana; Phuong, Nguyen Duy; Zeller, Manfred
1-Aug-2017Technical efficiency and production potential of selected cereal crops in SenegalOkuyama, Yodai; Maruyama, Atsushi; Takagaki, Michiko; Kikuchi, Masao
Anzeige der Treffer 1 bis 12 von 12